• Pamukkale Travel Informations

Pamukkale Travel Informations

In Turkish Pamukkale means ‘Cotton Castle’. The city is located in the inner Aegean region, in the River Menderes Valley. Tectonic movements on the basin of the Menderes River triggered the rise of multiple hot springs. The water from these springs contains a large mineral content, with chalk, limestone and travertine cascading down the mountain, giving rise to the complexion of the mountains; resembling a frozen waterfall. The waters contain a large amount of hydrogen carbonate and calcium, which results in the precipitation of calcium bi-carbonate.

The combination of all the above attribute, make the landscape surreal and Pamukkale is on the World Heritage list. Long before this listing, the Romans recognised this appeal and built a spa city, Hierapolis.

Recommended Hotels in Pamukkale

Family Run Hotels in Pamukkale

Haltur Hotel

Sahin Hotel

Bella Maritimo Hotel

Hotel Dort Mevsim

Sunrise Aya Hotel

Melrose House Hotel

Melrose View Point Hotel

Sinter Terase House Hotel

4* Hotels in Pamukkale

Tripolis Hotel

Richmond Thermal hotel

5* Hotels in Pamukkale

Pam Thermal Hotel

Colessea Spa Hotel

Doğa Park Thermal Hotel

Restaurants in Pamukkale

Konak Sade Restaurant

Mehmet Heaven Restaurant

Kayas Restaurant

Unal Restaurant

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