• About Selcuk / Ephesus

About Selcuk / Ephesus


Selçuk is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Turkey, due to its close proximity to the ancient city Ephesus, Isa Bey Mosque, the House of the Virgin Mary and St Johns Basilica.  Since the town is used as a stopping point for further travel, the actual town remains relatively undisturbed and undeveloped, retaining Turkish tradition and culture.  The name originates from the Turkish tribes that settled in the area in the 12th century.

Selçuk hosts many festivals throughout the year, the most famous being Camel Wrestling, Oil Wrestling and the Efes Festival.  The beach of “Pamucak” is also of interest, 9km away from the town. Also Aqua fantasy and Adaland are two of Europe’s biggest water parks and well worth a visit.

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