• 7 Days Tours to Bosnia & Herzegovina

7 Days Tours to Bosnia & Herzegovina


Bosnia & Herzegovina


Sarajevo City Tour

1. Day: Sarajevo City Tour

Sarajevo City tour visits : Eternal Flame, old Library, Islamic High School Medrese, Catholic Churches, Bazaar, Begova Mosque, Sebil, Bascasia Mosque

After city tour free time

Arrival and rest at the hotel after free time

Transfer to the restaurant and dinner

Return to hotel after dinner and stay

Sarajevo Highlights Tour

2. Day: Sarajevo Highlights Tour

Trip to the War Tunnel after breakfast (War Tunnel is one of the most important places for Bosnian Muslims, since it is one of the “things” that saved their lives during the occupation of Sarajevo during the Bosnian Serbian war)

Visiting Vrelo Bosne (Vrelo Bosne is a national park, a source of Bosna river. It is one of the most beautiful places in Bosnia with its small lake and green nature)

Dinner Return to the hotel. Overnight

Olympic Mountain Trip

3. Day: Olympic Mountain Trip

·After breakfast trip to Olympic Mountain Bjelašnica (Bjelašnica is a mountain with wonderful views that has become the center of the 1984 Winter Olympics.)

·Free time at the mountain

·Visiting Sunnyland Trebevic


·Return to hotel. Overnight

Sarajevo – Travnik – Jajce – Plivsko jezero - Sarajevo

4. Day: Sarajevo – Travnik – Jajce – Plivsko jezero - Sarajevo

Travnik city tour

City tour includes: Ottoman Castle, Medresa (Islamic High School), Blue Water, Sarena Mosque)

Jajce city tour

Visiting Jajce Waterfalls

*Optional: boat trip on the Plivsko Lake

Free time in Jajce


Return to Sarajevo. Overnight

Sarajevo – Konjic – Mostar – Počitelj – Blagaj – Kravica waterfalls - Sarajevo

5. Day: Sarajevo – Konjic – Mostar – Počitelj – Blagaj – Kravica waterfalls - Sarajevo

After breakfast trip to Konjic (city)

Visiting Konjic bridge (It is the best preserved Ottoman bridge in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The arches were destroyed by the retreating German army in March 1945. The bridge was rebuilt in its original state between 2003 and 2009. The bridge is now proclaimed a National Monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina.)

Mostar city tour

CBlagaj tour (Blagaj is a village-town with very specific elements of Ottoman architecture and Mediterranean style)

Visiting Blagaj Tekke (historical Dervish monastery) and spring of the Buna river

Počitelj village tour (Turkish Village)

Village tour includes: Ali Pasha Mosque, Počitel Hill, Time Tower and wonderful views)

Visiting Kravice Waterfall (Kravica waterfall is a large tufa cascade on the Trebižat River. With its height about 25 metres (80 ft) and the radius of the lake in the base of the waterfall about 120 metres (390 ft), Kravice is a popular swimming and picnic area frequently visited by tourists)

Dinner in Mostar

Return to Sarajevo. Overnight

Sarajevo – Visoko – Sarajevo

6. Day: Sarajevo – Visoko – Sarajevo

Visoko city tour

Visoko Pyramids (According to claims these pyramids are the largest human-made ancient pyramids on Earth. "Pyramid of the Sun", "Pyramid of the Moon", "Pyramid of the (Bosnian) Dragon")

Entry to Tunnel

Visiting Bijambare (The middle part of Bijambare is a karst enclave with all its commonly observed characteristics: caves, lost rivers, intriguing funnel-shaped depressions and rocky massifs. There are five caves located in three horizons, in a pretty small area. One of these caves is especially popular- the Bijambare cave, which has been a popular tourist spot and a speleological site for a long time)

Return to Sarajevo. Overnight

End of the tour

7. Day: End of the tour


Shopping in Sarajevo

Transfer to Airport

7 Days Bosnia Tour Package Include,s
All transfers during the program with comfortable and new buses
Accommodation in 4****Hotels in double room.(Bed & Breakfast)
6 Nights Dinner
Entrance fees for the museums
The stated travels and visits within the program.
Professional Guidance service by SeferTours.
And extra surprises


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