• About Goreme

About Goreme

Goreme is a small village set amongst ‘fairy chimney’ rock formations in the historical region of Cappadocia in Turkey.  2000 years ago Mount Erciyes erupted, leaving these soft rock formations, covering a 20,000 km² area.  In 1985 the Goreme National Park was added to the UESCO World Heritage List.  The softer rocks eroded away with the combination of water and wind, leaving only the hard rock on the top.  It is these hard capped rocks that have become known as the ‘fairy chimneys.’  The locals soon realised that the softer rocks could easily be carved and began building houses, churches, monasteries and religious sanctuaries.    Goreme is a great place to visit and base yourself when exploring the ancient underground cities and rock cut Byzantine Churches of Cappadocia.
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