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About Kas


Kas is a small fishing village in the Antalya Province of Turkey.  Kas is surrounded by mountains, that are said to mimic human figures in a laying position, for example Yatam Adam, meaning ‘sleeping man’.  With a typical Mediterranean climate Kas not only survives by its small sailing marina, but its high yielding year round agriculture.  The crops range from lemons, oranges and bananas to cut flowers, honey, almonds and pine forests. 

Although Kas is located on the Teke peninsular, commonly inhabited since the stone ages, it is thought that Kas was first discovered by the Lycians.  The town was originally known as Habesos or Habesa and given the name Antiphellos by the ancient Greeks.  Antiphellos is thought to have gained its reputation in the Lycian period as a port town, sustaining its significance through to the Roman period, where it was famous for exporting timber and sponges.  

Unfortunately the town suffered from Arab incursions and was annexed to the Seljuks.  When the Seljuks fell apart, the Ottoman Empire took over control.  After the First World War and the exchange of populations, the majority of the population, which were of Greek decent, returned to Greece.  

Since Kas was founded on the ancient town of Antiphellos, there is a monumental tomb, a Lycian sarcophagus mounted on a high base.  Kas used to be filled with many of these sarcophagi, but over the years they have been broken up to be used as building materials throughout the town. 

There is also a theatre, only 500 metres outside of the main square. 

Besides the ruins, Kas offers a great diversity of adventure activities.  These include; paragliding, river rafting and trekking through the countless mountains behind the coast.  Kas is also known as one of the leading spots for diving in Turkey, with many diving schools and scuba diving lessons on offer.  There are many underwater caves, ancient ship wrecks and a beautiful array of fish and other sea creatures, including octopi and dolphins.

Kas Shore Excursions

Kas and the surrounding area, once named Antiphellos, is one of the prettiest harbours of the province of Antalya. On the slope facing the sea standing a well-protected theatre, behind that a necropolis, and on the hill there are rock tombs shaped like temples carved into the rocks. Recommended Kas shore excursions

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