• 15 Day Anzac Day Tour

15 Day Anzac Day Tour



1. Day: İstanbul

(Welcome cocktail and ANZAC conference included)
Meet at the Ataturk international airport, transfer to your 4 star hotel. Transfers from Sabiha Gokcen airport can be arranged at extra cost. You will be given your room key and the rest of the day is yours to explore Istanbul til 06:00pm. Between 06:00pm - 07:00pm we will have a conference about ANZAC Dawn Service and Turkey. The conference will be given by ANZAC experts who will come from Australia and New Zealand and by our professional Turkish ANZAC guides. Welcome cocktail, tea, coffee and snacks are included. You will meet with the other ANZAC participants and Tours4Turkey Team. We recommend you to arrange your flights, to be at the hotel prior the conference starts. Traditional 1001 Turkish nights departs optional from hotel lobby at 08:00pm. Includes Turkish dinner, drinks and entertainment. Enjoy the mystical atmosphere of Istanbul at night. Overnight 4 star hotel in Istanbul.

 Istanbul City Tour

2. Day: Istanbul City Tour

(Breakfast included)
We depart from the hotel at 08:30am for the Istanbul city tour. TOPKAPI PALACE: The great palace of the Ottoman sultans from the 15th to the 19th centuries housing an exquisite collection of crystal, silver, and Chinese porcelain, robes worn by the sultans and their families, the famous jewels of the Imperial Treasury, miniatures, the Holy Mantle; enshrining relics of the Prophet Mohammed. SULTANAHMET IMPERIAL MOSQUE: Across from St. Sophia built in the 16th century by the architect Mehmet, is known as the BLUE MOSQUE because of its magnificent interior decoration of blue Iznik tiles. HIPPODROME: Ancient Hippodrome, the scene of chariot races, with the three monuments; the Obelisk of Theodosius, the bronze Serpentine Column and the Column of Constantine. Lunch break and then we head to the SPICE BAZAAR (Egyptian Bazaar) The air here is filled with the enticing aromas of cinnamon, caraway, saffron, mint, thyme and every other conceivable herb and spice. After the Istanbul city tour you have the option to experience a Bosphorus cruise, you will have the chance to enjoy magnificent views of the Bosphorus straigt which is connecting Asia to Europe. Overnight 4 star hotel in Istanbul.

Gallipoli Tour

3. Day: Gallipoli Tour

(Breakfast included - BBQ buffet dinner optional)
We depart for Gallipoli at 07:00am (4.5 hours drive). On the way we will have the chance to watch the latest documentary on the Gallipoli Campaign. A stop will be provided on the way down for supplies. We start our tour of the Gallipoli Peninsula a little after midday. The Gallipoli tour includes the Kabatepe War Museum, ANZAC Cove, Lone Pine (Australias Memorial and Cemetery), Quinns Post, Turkish 57th Regiment Cemetery, The Nek and Chunuk Bair (New Zealand's Memorial and Cemetery). After the tour we drive to the coast of Gabatepe for our big ANZAC BBQ and buffet dinner (optional). At approx 09:30pm we will depart for the ANZAC Dawn Service. Overnight at ANZAC Cove. If you dont want to stay outside at the ANZAC Commemorative Site overnight, we provide optional hotel accomodation at Gallipoli. This option is not available after your arrival in Turkey, pre-booking is required.

Gallipoli Dawn Service

4. Day: Gallipoli Dawn Service

Don't forget your sleeping bags, warm clothes, wet weather gear and torches because Gallipoli is still as dark and as cold today as it was 95 years ago when our ancestors landed. Please bring your hat, sunscreen and good walking shoes! Optional we provide sleepings bags, please let us know at time of booking.

04:30am ANZAC Day Dawn Service
10:30am Australian National Service
11.45am Turkish National Service
01:00pm New Zealand National Service

After the services with time permitting we will depart for the ancient city of Troy (about an hour drive). Your guide will explain the mythology surrounding Troy, the Trojan Horse and Helen of Troy. After Troy, we drive to our hotel (3 hours drive) in Ayvalik where we will have dinner at the fantastic beach front hotel and a comfy bed to rest your weary bodies. Overnight 4 star hotel in Ayvalik.

Bergama Tour & Kusadasi

5. Day: Bergama Tour & Kusadasi

(Breakfast and dinner included)
Drive to Pergamum (45 minutes drive) - see Asklepion, Zeus's alter, the Red Bassilcia etc. BERGAMA is the site of the Hellenistic - and later Roman city of Pergamon, ruled for several centuries by a powerful local dynasty. Its foremost attraction is the Kizil Avlu or "Red Basilica", a huge edifice on the river not far from the acropolis, originally built as a temple to the Egyptian god Osiris and converted to a basilica by the early Christians, when it was one of the Seven Churches of Asia Minor addressed by St John in the book of Revelation - though sadly it's now a crumbling ruin with a mosque in one of its towers. After Pergamon we continue towards the city of Kusadasi. On the way, we will visit a place which continues to perform one of the oldest arts of Turkey; a carpet weaving centre, followed by an optional Turkish Bath. After a good scrub down we will check into our hotel in Kusadasi. Overnight 4 star hotel in Kusadasi.

Ephesus & Kusadasi

6. Day: Ephesus & Kusadasi

(Breakfast and dinner included)
At 08:30am we depart for Ephesus (20 minutes drive) - once the commercial centre of the ancient world - is a highlight of any visit to Turkey. The city, whose wealth and patronage supported its splendid architectural program, was dedicated to the goddess Artemis. Her enormous temple, once considered one of the seven wonders of the Ancient World and rebuilt several times, dates in its latest form from the third century B.C. The tour of the ruins also includes a theatre, gymnasium, agora and baths, as well as the Library of Celsus. After lunch, we will make a shopping tour in which you will be aware of the ancient arts of Turkey like leather manufacturing and jewellery. As this will be a guided tour, you will avoid the constant nagging and sometimes bullying that is well known in the markets of Turkey. Enabling you to enjoy the shopping experience whilst gaining the knowledge of the ancient craftsmen. Overnight 4 star hotel in Kusadasi.

Pamukkale Tour

7. Day: Pamukkale Tour

(Breakfast and dinner included)
At 08:30am we leave Kusadasi for Pamukkale (2.5 hours drive). In Pamukkale we shall visit the calcium terraces of Pamukkale (Cotton Castle) and the ruins of Hierapolis, walking around this natural phenomenon gives you the option of lying in the waters of the natural springs that flow down the calcium terraces. After our days activities we will check into our hotel intime for dinner and the rest of the evening is yours to explore the small village or relax around the pool bar. Overnight 4 star hotel in Pamukkale.


Pamukkale & Bodrum

8. Day: Pamukkale & Bodrum

(Breakfast and dinner included)
At 08:30am we depart for Bodrum. Bodrum as a city is quickly becoming one of the most sort after destinations in Europe and with such a precedence, it offers some fantastic adventures for any age group. Visit the castle of St. Peter, the symbol of Bodrum. The Crusader castle was built by the knights of St. John between 1402 and 1409. After being defeated in Smyrna (The ancient name of Izmir), the knights came to Halikarnassos and began the construction of the castle.. 01:00pm Visit the ancient theater The theatre is located on the hillside overlooking Bodrum. The hillside theater that dates from the 4th century BC was built to seat 5.000 people. When rediscovered, it was not in very good condition and therefore has been recently restored. The view of the town from there is beautiful. After the Bodrum city tour depart for Bodrum Harbour for check in to yacht cruise to Turkish and Greek Island Tour. On the first day, our boat will be anchored at Bodrum port for dinner and overnight stay on the yacht.

Yacht Cruise Cos (Kos) Greek Site

9. Day: Yacht Cruise Cos (Kos) Greek Site

(Breakfast, lunch and dinner included)
While you have breakfast, you will be informed about the cruise programme. After the paper work at customs is completed we will cruise to Kos Island. Asclepion, known to be the birth place of Hippocrates, 'the Father of Medical Sciences', is located here. All the East-Mediterrenean people with health problems were treated in Kos (İstankoy). Kos; the second largest island of the 12 islands (Dodecanese islands) has a very mild climate and very fertile lands. The island houses a 560-year-old tree, a 211-year-old fountain and a 290 km long beach. Kos is one of the islands with the best night life. Nafklirou, a street full of bars, is always crowded, colourful, and full of life.

Yacht Cruise Nisiros - Tilos Greek Site

10. Day: Yacht Cruise Nisiros - Tilos Greek Site

(Breakfast, lunch and dinner included)
Early in the morning we will set sail to Nisiros. The volcano on Nisiros island- which means 'the place with figs'- in the Aegean Sea- erupted in 1422 and is still active. Nikea village located on the side of the crater is constituted with white streets and a mosaic-style square. You can take an optional bus tour to the crater which is still active and where you can see the gases coming from the underground. On the way back after, a short village tour and a lunch break; we will cruise to Tilos Island. For dinner and overnight stay, we will anchor in the port of this small tranquil island.

Yacht Cruise Rhodes (Rhodos) Greek Site

11. Day: Yacht Cruise Rhodes (Rhodos) Greek Site

(Breakfast, lunch and dinner included)
Cruising to Rhodes early in the morning. Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese Islands.
The island is a very popular holiday place as it has one of the best-protected and the largest European Medieval city and has warm weather 300 days of a year. Rhodes has been a home for many civilizations; starting with the knights of St.John in the Middle Ages, then Ottomans and Italians; thus the island has a unique historical harmony and beauty. The main port Rhodes is the Rhodes City which bears the same name with the island. The other very touristic areas of Rhodes island are; Lyndos and Kamiros. The city, which is still surrounded by 12 meter-thick city-walls, gives you the feeling of travelling back to Medieval times especially when you walk around its narrow, stone-paved roads. After dinner, our guests are highly recommended to enjoy a Rhodes night out.

Yacht Cruise Simi (Symi) Greek Site

12. Day: Yacht Cruise Simi (Symi) Greek Site

(Breakfast, lunch and dinner included)
We will set sail for Simi Island early in the morning and arrive at the Monastry of Panormitis located in the southern part of Simi. It is possible to visit the Monastery and the Museum on this well-protected and peaceful bay. After having a swimming break on the eastern shores of the island, we will anchor at the port early in the evening.

You can see the shore-side with its neo-classical houses and the peripheral districts. You are going to adore Simi for its pine and oak forests and unique bays.

Yacht Cruise Datca - Knidos Greek Site

13. Day: Yacht Cruise Datca - Knidos Greek Site

(Breakfast, lunch and dinner included)
We will get into Turkish waters from Datca. You can enjoy a short-walk on the shore while your captain deals with the customs procedures.

 We will sail to Knidos after lunch. Knidos was a developed city in science, art and architecture. Eudoxos, a very popular astronomer and maths professor; Dr. Euryphon; Polygontos, a poular painter; Skopas and Bryaksis of Faros, the most famous sculptors of the era; Sostrates, the architect of Alexandrian light house -one of the seven wonders of the World-and Ktesias the doctor who saved the life of a Presian king from a disaster lived on this island.

 Dr. Euryphon and his students founded the second largest medical sciences school in Knidos.The island also homes the largest sun clock of its time which was erected by Eudoksos. Knidos was the home for Aphrodite's monument and at those times the city was famous for brothels and became popular for sailors and Arabic tradesmen.

Yacht Cruise Poyraz Turkish Site - Bodrum

14. Day: Yacht Cruise Poyraz Turkish Site - Bodrum

(Breakfast, lunch and dinner included)
We will anchoring in Karada Poyraz Bay and have the last swimming break in these beautiful blue waters. We will be sailing to Bodrum Port for dinner and overnight stay.

Bodrum The End

15. Day: Bodrum The End

(Breakfast included)
After breakfast check out from the yacht cruise and your tour ends. From Bodrum we can arrange flights or coach transportation to anywhere in Turkey. If you choose to stay longer in Bodrum we can extend your accommodation and all so offer other options such as Jeep Safari, Aqua Park, scuba diving, fishing tour, Jeep Safari, Horse Safari, Turkish Night.

We hope you had a memorable tour and we look forward to seeing you in the future on another Tours4Turkey Tour. Have a safe trip back home and thanks for choosing Tours4Turkey.


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