• Kaklık Cave

Kaklık Cave

Kaklik Cave - or under ground Pamukkale.

Here we are sharing a quote from wikipedia about the KAKLIK CAVE:

Pamukkale has a world-wide reputation. Kaklik Cave on the other hand is less known. Although as a native of the region it is only recently that I have come to know Kaklik Cave. It has been discovered in recent years. Kaklik Cave is 36 km from Denizli, a city in southwest Turkey. If you are travelling eastward from Denizli take a detour of 4 km when you reach Kaklik intersection on the highway. 

Chemical sedimentation processes similar to those found in Pamukkale are also at work here in Kaklik Cave. There is a slight difference to the composition of the water though. Upon entering the cave you smell a strong scent of sulphur or rotten egg. I am not a chemist or geologist, so I can only make an educated guess. Here there is a greenish formation on the rocks that may be due to bacterial growth or merely a chemical process. The pools and travertines are stunningly similar to those in Pamukkale although at a smaller scale.

As a travel agency in Pamukkale we organise daily tours to Kaklik Cave. If you are looking for a unique experience rather than spending a full day in crowded tourist groups, we highly recommend to visit Kaklik Cave.

Please just let us know if you are looking for an option to see the untouched Kaklik caves.

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